about - Tristan

Hi my name is Tristan. I am the photographer of all photos featured on the site. 

I love photography. I love cosplay. I love traveling to conventions and try to attend as many as time and money allows me.I upload all of my photos here on my site.

I currently work with Sharemycosplay.com doing event coverage for the larger conventions I attend. All of my photos are also featured on their website and social media.

Bookmark the site and follow me on social media to share in my cosplay photography adventures. 


Can you come to a particular convention?

If you would like to provide admission into an event, request me to attend an event, or want me to provide media coverage of an event please use the contact link above to send me a message.

Can I get a bigger/higher quality photo of myself?

Please contact me here or through social media, I require a social media account of some kind to confirm identity.

Can I get an original copy of my picture?

If you would like an original copy of the photo (uncompressed, unedited, un-watermarked): Please contact me to get purchase details. 

I didn't find my photo on the site, and I remember you taking a picture of me.

There are a very small percentage of photos I take that come out blurry, bad lighting, corrupted, or terrible lighting and I chose not to upload those to the site. There are probably less than 5% of the photos I take that are discarded, I apologize if your happened to be one of them.

What equipment do you use? 

Tons over the years. I started out using a Panasonic fz100. I liked super-zooms for a long time because of their small form factor and long range zoom. My first DSLR I used at a convention was a Nikon D5300 w/kit lens. I went from that to a Nikon D7100, to a full frame Nikon D610. I would have kept that D610 if it wasn't for my jump to Sony cameras. I have shot the majority of my convention coverage with a Sony A7ii and a Sigma 50mm f1.4 (w/a Sony LA-EA3 a-mount to e-mount adapter). That is slowly being overtaken by the Sony a99ii  (and Sony 50mm f1.4) I have now. I have a Sony a6500 that I carry as backup, although paired with a Sigma 30mm f1.4 lens I have used it as the main cosplay camera at a few events. 

Currently I am 100% self supported in my cosplay photography adventures. All of my travel expenses, camera equipment, website costs, and convention admission comes out of my own pocket. I do not get paid to attend any of the events I am at. If you would like to support me in providing amazing cosplay pictures please use the link below. 


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